Can’t really call it “cooking”

A couple of weeks ago, I promised to post a few simple recipes to get you going on the road to culinary expertise. When I say “recipes”, I use the term loosely. Some things are so easy to make that recipes are not required. So here goes:

Fish Parcels

Nothing could be easier. Fish is the ultimate fast food!

All you need is a piece of kitchen foil, a piece of fish (any kind you like) and ingredients you fancy. Pack it all into the foil, scrunch it up and pop in the oven at 180°C for 20 minutes. Done!

You could do fish with

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Can’t cook, won’t cook?

Is that you? Do you think cooking is old fashioned and a waste of time, when these days you could just microwave a ready meal or get a take-away? Why would you cook, when tasty food, cooked by someone else, is so easily available? Here are some reasons why you may reconsider:

It’s healthier

When you cook your own food, you know exactly what’s in it. The more natural your ingredients, the more natural your food. You can buy organic meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and nuts, but you don’t even have to. If you cannot afford organic food, buying regular ingredients and preparing meals with them is still a far cry from anything you could possibly buy ready made, whether that’s from a shop or a restaurant.

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